Company Profile

Tricom is a private corporation, established in 1996, by President and founder, Ian Hodge. Tricom has proudly provided contract janitorial, staffing, cleaning and all aspects of building maintenance, to customers for over 25 years.

Qualifications and Experience

Our teams are experienced in providing continuous day and night facility services to a wide range of businesses from hotels, theatres, casinos and national restaurant chains to large public facilities, national retail stores and office towers.  Our company is extremely flexible in adapting to any job size or task, and our customers appreciate how easily we handle their specific needs.

Service Delivery

Service Delivery

TRICOM’s proven system for service delivery is continuously evolving, to meet the needs of our current customers and to respond to a growing number of customers.  TRICOM has the organizational experience to deliver services and has the capacity to assemble the quantity and quality of resources necessary to deliver the services.

Our Capacity is defined by our ability to meet customer needs and expectations through our financial stability and our labor resources.  Our business capacity is open-ended in that we can quickly expand with the injection of any new business volume.  TRICOM has at its disposal a large volume of management who can assist in the rollout of any new business, and, TRICOM has an abundance of trained staff who can be redeployed to any new business either permanently or temporarily, ensuring consistent and satisfactory service levels throughout the contract.